Sync Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar with Outlook

There are many tutorials out there but they are all too complicated or/and give you paid, complicated tools to do the job.

Both tools on this post are free, will sit on your tray and won’t bother you, while maintaining your contacts and calendar synced. I’m gonna show you the easiest way to do it.

Google Calendar Sync

google calendar

Download page:
(Direct link to download)


  1. Read through the Google Calendar Sync Terms of Service, and click I Agree.
  2. Follow through the Installation Options and click Install to finish the set-up process.
  3. Once Google Calendar Sync is installed on your computer, the Google Calendar Sync Settings window will appear:

Google Calendar SyncPrint

Just enter your email/password and click Save. If you don’t want to sync back to Google Calendar choose “1 way: Google Calendar to Microsoft Outlook”

You are now syncing Google Calendar with Outlook!

Go Contact Sync

As the name says this is the plugin that’s gonna sync your Gmail Contacts. It supports contact categories and contact photos so your contacts will look exactly the same.

GoContactSyncDownload page:
(Direct link to download)


  1. Follow the setup instructions..
  2. After installed, choose Start > All Programs > GO Contact Sync

GO Contact Sync Configuration

Just enter your email/password, make sure Sync Profile is not empty (enter any text, the program doesn’t allow it to be empty) and click Sync. Also check “Run program at startup .

You may be prompted by Outlook that a program is trying to access it. Grant permission to it for 5 minutes.

You are now syncing Gmail Contacts with Outlook!



Because Go Contact is still in beta you may some notices from the program that an error has ocurred. I found that a restart to the program solves it. I don’t know what the error means but a future release should correct the bug.

Also you are not limited to Outlook. With your Outlook synced you can keep your mobile also synced without spending money; I keep my Nokia N70 synced by bluetooth (maybe a future blog post). I just tell Nokia Suite to sync Outlook with my Nokia everytime its in range and now I have Google Calendar and Gmail Contacts on my pocket 24/7.


If you have any questions or problems just reply on the comments.

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  • MW

    Do you have an idea whats up with this failure notice?

    Error: Execution of request failed:…

    • zerone

      That's strange. Did you try to reboot? Or maybe Google Contacts API was down (it's where the application gets your contacts). Test it again and make me know.

      • dschanen

        I am having this same problem… did you ever figure out what the issue is?

  • Vipul


    When I try to sync this is the error message that I am getting. Get this message when I try to sync Outlook To Google Only and Google To Outlook Only. Currently all my contacts are in Google and do not have any in my Outlook on my desktop. Not sure if that could be the issue. Any help would be great. Thank you.

    6/25/2009 4:39:04 PM Sync started
    6/25/2009 4:39:08 PM Error: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
    Parameter name: index
    6/25/2009 4:39:08 PM Sync failed

    • zerone

      Try to sync both with “Merge Google Wins” and tell me your results

      • Fedor Romanenko

        Hi! I have the same problem. Merge Google Wins produces the same results.

        Also for some contacts (usually without names) I have the message “no match found” as mentioned below.

        • Fedor Romanenko

          I turned “prompt for merge”. It opens the popup for every contact on initial sync (popup moves around the screen, and there's no hotkeys for choice selection buttons, – not comfortable). For some contacts is says “” for the name of the contact. In case I press “use Google copy” for such a contacts, it crashes. If I use “use outlook copy” it goes further. Possibly this happens to contacts with no name but with filled “Company” field, I don't know.

          I have never chance to go through initial sync, 'cause after the first mistake I have to start all over…

  • MW

    Don't work. Maybe this is due to the proxy I am using or firewall settings…?

  • Leigh

    I installed the Google Calendar sync app, and it ran and everything synced. The icon was in the system tray. Then I restarted my computer. The icon is gone, and I cannot get it back without actually reinstalling the app. Any thoughts? I have uninstalled and reinstalled just to verify – the problem remains.

  • Ben

    Well, I think you've found a pretty big chunk of the holy grail. I've wasted hours trying to find a [FREE] program like Google Calendar Sync for contacts. Well done sir.

  • caponesj

    Hi, Calendar worked great the Go Contact app keeps giving me this error msg even after restart:

    28/07/2009 5:59:44 PM Error: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
    Parameter name: index
    28/07/2009 5:59:44 PM Sync failed

  • clemens749

    After hours of trying to get rid of error messages, I just found a piece of the puzzle. If the outlook contact contains an “&” symbol in the comments area, you will not get it to sync this contact. Replace it with “and” and you're fine.

  • Bert

    hi, thx to try developing such program! it would be great, but I get the same error as all the other comments here: index out of reach… ect. can you fix it please? thx feedback :-)

  • Name

    hi, the app needs a firewall and proxy configuration option. the error messages experienced by MW and dschanen are both firewall/proxy related.

  • alberto

    Hi, just installed contact sync on vista home premium SP2, Outlook 2003 , restarted the system but cannot sync, for every contact in my list I have this message:
    8/22/2009 6:38:09 PM Sync started
    8/22/2009 6:38:32 PM Information: No match found for outlook contact (Adaxxx, Matxxx)
    any suggestion ?

    • zerone

      What option did you choose? Try “Merge Google Wins”

      • parent_kevin

        I've tried all the options and get the same message.

    • dman

      any resolution for this yet???? annoying for sure.

      using Vista, Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager


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  • abiggerplate

    Yes, well done.

  • ldonelson

    I get a popup that says:
    A program is trying to access email addresses stored in Outlook. Do you want to allow this? The options are Yes, No or Yes for 1, 5, or 10 minutes. If I click yes the pop simply remains. If I click yes for 10 minutes the sync stops & I get an error message. Any suggestions? No matter what i choose I do not get a successful sync even though it appears to be syncing.

    • Robert W

      For those like Idonelson struggling with the Outlook security pop-up requesting access, try Express Click Yes: It's free, and all it does is answer yes to this message. You can exit the program when the sync is done. 10 minutes was nowhere near long enough for my contacts to sync.

  • CD

    Has anyone who has received the error “Information: No match found for outlook contact” been able to fix it and have GO Contact Sync work for them? I'm using Windows XP Professional SP3 and Outlook 2007. I'm able to use Google Calendar Sync flawlessly, and I want to be able to sync my Outlook Contacts as well. I'm not too sure about using Soocial because it looks like there are some bugs with their Outlook sync tool that you download and install; and I'd rather not use one of the paid options if it's at all avoidable. Thanks.

  • abiaresi

    “no contact found”
    I fixed it deleting all my gmail contacts
    exporting outlook contacts to a file
    importing outlook contacts from file into gmail contacts
    start syncing and ever since it works.

  • cambridgecomputerrepair

    Many thanks, I've been looking for something like this for ages! :)


    Cambridge Computer Repair

  • Rocco

    Doesn't work. It's a pity. Doesn't transfer any contact from and to my Outlook/google Contacts…
    Maybe when the developer fix this problems yes, I dont' know when will be that. but the idea is great…

  • adouglas

    by accident, i told Outlook to NOT allow another program access to it. Now i can't get it to run. How do i reverse this? It's killing me!

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  • walter

    I have the same problem as Alberto & others:
    12/12/2009 23:57:10 Sync started
    12/12/2009 23:57:11 Information: No match found for outlook contact (Stexxx, Axxx & Maxxx)
    12/12/2009 23:57:11 Information: No match found for outlook contact (Nxxx)
    for everfy contact

    Just won't sync the contacts…


    • Justin

      I have the same problem and it just does not work.

  • medivets

    I treid the Go Contacts and I am getting a sync report that NO Contact have been syncd or Deleted?…. what am i doing wrong?… Thanks

  • John

    Is someone Joking !!! this app does NOT work …..

    • charleswhealton

      I don't know about that, John. I just used it and it appeared to work as advertised with a couple minor issues. There were a couple messages and as somebody said, having the & sign might be interfering with it.

      It did sync my contacts.

      Thanks for pointing us to this software….

  • sandraray

    Can I sync multiple computers with Outlook (with dif info) to the Google calendar and have them combined for later sync?

  • AKDick

    Google Calendar Sync just won't access Outlook 2007 – tried deleting and uninstalling several times. Only want Google to Outlook, but can't even connect.

    • Andy

      I got it to work with 2007 by running both outlook and calendar sync as administrator. Not ideal, but it worked. Another thing I found is that if you use Microsoft “click to run” or App-V virtualised software (eg you download a trial then register it), it doesn’t work. My wife had office 2010 installed this way. I completely uninstalled office and click to run, then reinstalled from the DVD and it now works.

  • AKDick

    BTW – have tried GO several time (different versions as it evolved), and it has never worked (want Outlook to Google only).

    I actually did try deleting all Google contacts, and re-importing from Outlook, but still doesn't work (logically, seems it should, though).

    Have left message on the Go site, but to no avail.

    A great idea – wish it worked.

  • John Rehill

    I just installed this app as I was looking for one like it for ages…

    However after installing and trying to sync I get the message “Invalid credentials”

    The user and password are correct, any ideas???

  • tommyc3po

    Tried this. No errors, but it did nothing. I already had been using Google's calendar sync and was looking for its equal. I hope they get this working.

  • Scott

    i've just installed and tried out this go thing and it didn't work. at first i was getting the same error messages as everyone else: “index out of range…” (i had no contacts at all in outlook). i then imported my contacts manually from google and ran the sync again. seemed to work but then i got the error message invalid outlook contacts (some of these contacts don't have email addresses or phone #s… they were synched to my google contacts via my blackberry. they are facebook contacts). once completed, i then got the index was out of range message. so, this thing workin or not?

  • Ivette

    I tried sync with Go Contact Sync and received the following message:
    Error: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
    What can I do to fix it. I have not been able to sync my google contacts into outlook

  • Robert W

    As others have reported, on the 1st sync (which ran for an hour) it reported “No match found for outlook contact …” on every record and didn't add any contacts to Google. I followed the suggestion to first delete all my Google contacts and import my Outlook contacts into Google, but still get this error. In addition, I now get lots of new errors, like “Warning: Skipping outlook contact” and “Warning: Invalid outlook contact” and “Outlook contacts with the same email have been found. Please delete duplicates”

    This latest sync ran for 3.5 hours! It also made Outlook consume 1.2 GB of RAM, instead of the usual 70 – 100MB. And the RAM consumption did not diminish when the sync ended. I also could not close Outlook gracefully — the process continued to run and I had to manually terminate it.

    I'm stuck.

  • SF

    No point complaining about free software. The developer has moved on. He posted this on open source and has not returned.

    I get the same, “Error: Index was out of range. Must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection” on both of my computers. I had a problem with the Google Calendar Sync Tool as well. Someone posted instruction on how to turn on verbose logging for that tool. That helped me find the calendar events that were causing the problems. Too bad there isn't something like that for this program.

    • Icthus Technology

      A lot of people seem to be having Index errors. I would suggest that the first place to start is to run the ScanPST tool to be sure that the Outlook data file is not broken. Go to this article from Microsoft on locating and running the tool:

      Then see if Go Contact Sync works properly.

  • steveday

    I've tried multiple times to sync contacts and each time it says “synced 0 of 0″. I've closed the program out and no change. Using Outlook 2007. Tried different options for syncing too. Please advise. Thanks.

    • Icthus Technology

      Try using “Outlook To Google Only” to start. See if that does not make a difference.

      • Andy

        I fixed this by deleting all contacts with duplicate email addresses. I had a few contacts with different variations (eg “Joe Blogs” and “Blogs, Joe”) which had the same email addresses. Once I dleted the duplicates, it worked.


  • TheFluffyOne

    Unfortunately, the sync code doesn't appear to be particularly robust; it seems that the email address is used as a key field, so if an entry doesn't have an email address it causes the sync to die with the index out of range error. There may well be other cases that generate that error.

    Additionally, this program doesn't handle entries without a first and last name; e.g. company entries where you only fill in the company name field.

    There was a patch added to the source repository in September 2009 to fix at least one case where XML special characters (such as '&') were breaking the sync, however as far as I can tell there hasn't been an updated binary release to include that fix.

    • knokio

      A way to solve some problems is to have all contacts with at least an email and a first/last name.

      It's not hard and will most certainly fix a lot of problems people are facing

      • Dave

        not necessarily 'not hard' – if you have a lot of contacts, or if you have contacts for companies – such as HP, the don't have first and last names!

        not for me right now, but i'll be checking back for updates as the project progresses, is certainly promising concept.

  • Carlos Rafael Techera

    Hello. I get this message when syncing “Error: Cannot remove the specified item because it was not found in the specified Collection”
    Any clue?

  • Qusay

    Thanks :)

  • Lonnie

    I installed this but each time I do a sync it says 0 of 0 synced and gives a bunch of errors that “Information: No match found for outlook contact (CONTACT)” and nothing gets pushed to Google Contacts

    • Icthus Technology

      Lonnie, I had that problem also. I was using the “Merge Prompt” option to be safe. I believe the problem was that Google Contacts were empty, so there was never a match to merge. When I selected “Outlook To Google Only”, it proceeded to copy the Outlook contacts to Google.

  • Tobin Dunn

    I have win7 64bit and outlook07, and get index was out of range error with go contacts sync. I have done a restart of the program and my laptop but still get same error. I have cleared all my contacts in outlook and am trying to do a google to outlook sync first, with same error. Please help me.

  • Mark

    can not get it to work outlook 2003 6/30/2010 3:07:20 PM Sync started
    6/30/2010 3:06:24 PM Error: Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {0006F03A-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} failed due to the following error: 8007007e.
    6/30/2010 3:06:37 PM Error: Retrieving the COM

  • Shiffrinptx-92

    I've installed GO Contact Sync twice. I have Outlook 2007. At first, only 43 contacts synced, and then it failed. Something about Execution of request failed …

    I restarted serveral times. I still can only get 223 of 251 contacts synced. Needs work.

  • Mark

    google (gmail calendar sync) causes my outlook to continuously restart everytime it trys to sync. what would cause that. so consequently they never get synced

  • edwardally

    my error is…
    Authorization Required!!!
    What is this?

  • Dennis

    What a great tool. I have been looking for years for this!

  • Yes

    Doesn't sync details like birthday…. Which makes it kind useless for my objective: full sync.

  • 4missadventure

    I successful download Go Contact to my PC and synced my contacts with gmail, but for some reason a contact I added in the pc was not added to google when I was done. What am I doing wrong?

  • Henry

     Hi, when I use Go contact  the leading “0″ (zero) on my phone numbers in Outlook is lost on syncing to gmail – any tips to fix this?

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