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CTO at Limetree

2012 August

Scrum Masters at Premium Minds

2012 April

Started myout

2011 January

  • Leading developer of the platform.
  • Brand development, web site traffic growth, web site UI.

Researcher at INESC-ID

2011 October

Social Media Developer at Sanoma Media

2011 May

  • Development of Facebook and Twitter applications
  • Use of Facebook and Twitter API
  • Integrate existing websites with social plugins and tools
  • Create interactive widgets to include in blogs, websites
  • Agile prototyping of creative ideas, business development decisions

Developer at Fénix CIIST

2009 December

  • Worked on projects Fénix and Aquisitions
  • Projects used by more than 12k students and 4k staff members every week
  • Used across several universities and manages all courses, finance, people.
  • Monitor site technical performance and web servers
  • Creating and maintaining existing modules
  • Designing and developing internet applications and ensuring strong web optimization and functionality