Diogo Figueiredo is a webcoder and analyst born in the late 80’s, right on time to watch the Internet boom. Got connected to the web in the late 90’s and started coding in the new millenium.

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Diogo Figueiredo

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My passion is to find problems and solve them; actually the part that amuses me is to find solutions.

Started my interest in computers and technology when I was young. I used to tear apart electronic games and rebuild them after. Started programming at 12 when I discovered Frontpage, HTML, CSS and PHP. Soon I was building websites and scrapping internet data. Build and sold some websites at 15. Hacked several prototypes and programs: one of them did live betting with a simplified AI, some years ago. Learned several languages, paradigms and patterns since.

Went to university and after finishing my bachelor went for the master abroad for 5 months (to Netherlands). Stayed a few more months working in the biggest nordic publishing company doing social applications. Came back to Portugal and meanwhile founded a startup: “myout - the cultural agenda of Portugal”. We had +120.000 visits in the first 12 months. It was difficult to make real profit of it so it is now an hobby. I am currently in a startup called Limetree.

That’s my story until now. I can easily speak and write in English. I can speak easily in Spanish. If you need a more detailed CV, resume or college transcript I will send it to you.


  • Scala, Java, PHP5, C++
  • XML, HTML, JavaScript, Usability, CSS3
  • Nginx, Apache, MySQL, NoSQL
  • Symfony, Codeigniter, CakePHP
  • Facebook API


When ASP was the king I was already learning other languages. Some years passed and know I left ASP and upgraded to: Scala, Java, PHP, C, C++ and C#. Besides creating the platform and the user interface for several web and desktop applications, I design well performed algorithms.